Wix vs ActorGear

Which website builder is the best for Actors, a no-lies allowed breakdown.

There are many ways to build a website, but sometimes the “easiest” or “cheapest” or “popular” isn’t the best way to build your website. In this article we will compare building a website for an Actor with ActorGear vs Wix.


Price - Wix lied about the free thing...

Even though Wix advertisements say “build a free website” it should say, “build a free profile page with ads” which is something you could never use in a professional setting. By Wix’s definition an Instagram page and a Facebook page are also free website builders. Who’s gonna stop them from lying…nobody. Wix then up-sells you to make a website with them after you have invested time setting up an account. On the free account, you can not use a domain name. On their next “level up” cheapest paid account…you can use a domain name but there will still be Wix advertisements on YOUR “web-site” (notice their airquotes). Its not till they charge you a minimum of $14.50 a month does your “web-site” become a real website in the Wix world. Which by the way is About the same price as the ActorGear Custom express…which is $15/mo…and performs way better. 


When a Wix customer then questions why they can’t get a truly free website, the Wix company in their tech support says they only meant “free web builder.” But as you can see, their 100 million dollar advertising budget clearly describes something different. Let’s just call it what it is..false advertisement. 


Speed to Launch

There are a lot of unfinished Wix “websites” that get started, but never finished. ActorGear quickly guides you through the important stuff that you have today so you can get your site launched immediate. In the wix advertising you will see a fake animated screencast of somebody building a website…not the real building process. ActorGear…actually shows you a live screencast of somebody building an Actor Website from sign up to finish in less than 7 minutes. You can then incrementally add and customize additional information. But expect on day 1 or 2 to have a live website with ActorGear.


Actor Design Review

Lets do a quick look at the Wix starting point vs the ActorGear starting point

1. Professional Headshot
2. Information Relevant to Casting

1. Zoomed in Semi-Professional Shot
2. ??? Nothing…wtf

Don’t expect your most important audience (casting directors and producers) to do more work to see what matters most…there are literally 1000’s of people to sift through. If they came to your website they are needing more information and clarity about you to put you to the next level…proper functional design should ever get in the way of that. ActorGear always keeps this in mind as priority #1 because this is what we do…we design and build Actor Websites.


Confidence with real people

ActorGear cares about your success and will personally review your site and make suggestions. 30 min of professional design time and internet coaching included on express packages and 1 hr is included on custom packages making sure you get your site live and working.



Wix is a big foreign company with Millions of dollars in investment money. You would think they would be able to deliver a product with super speed…but they don’t. Wix is like McDonalds, they are advertising to masses and as a result they can’t focus on the niche details that are important, like a customized actor resume system that looks great on desktop AND phones. Or having a real design specialist and actor marketing coach review your site.

ActorGear Speed Test

Numbers Don’t Lie

Wix Speed Test


Wix is one of many places to build your website, and they have a ton of features. But if you focus on what matters to getting you the job, it should be very clear what the best solution is for designing and building your website for your acting career. Sign up, we are to make you look your best.

Technical Review: the truth behind our comparisons

Some people make claims with nothing to back it up…like Wix. You don’t just have to take our word for it, we used independent 3rd party industry standard tech websites to run the tests for our comparisons, and we invite you to review.

To examine our research you can perform the following steps:

1. On “Google.com” search for “wix actor website design”

The first search result brought us to: https://www.wix.com/website-template/view/html/1887

That shows a wix actor website template in their template viewer, we then extracted the real website link which is found here: https://www.wix.com/demone2/actor-model-resume

2. Now from the #1 Wix actor website demo lets run some technical performance tests on  GTmetrix and Google

Here are the direct links to the results!





Whats interesting about the Google’s page speed is if the wix site hasn’t been accessed in 24 hours, the result will be 14 points LOWER then a back to back run. Why you may ask, most likely because they are using a form of “deep state” caching. Meaning if the site hasn’t been regularly visited, Wix saves its resources in its caching system by switching it to its lower tiered caching system to save resources. The problem with this is that google doesn’t “double” test back to back 5 minutes apart. So if your site hasn’t been frequently visited for a day and then google does its page speed test…it gives you what it sees the first time. We are speculating on why it is slower the first run, but these are the results we saw.





We were pretty please with our results here, they do a pretty deep analysis.

Final thoughts: Results matter

The ActorGear starting points immediately launch a website focused on content that is easy to navigate, loads fast and looks professional. That’s important because to your priority audience (Casting Directors and Producers) this is a business tool that should be aimed with one goal in mind: getting you in the room for an audition. The only thing that should matter after visiting your website is that they know:

  1. You can act
  2. What you look like
  3. that you are a professional
  4. you understand not to waste their time.

That’s the optimal way to get  called in. That’s the difference between a pro and a pretender.

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