How to create an Actor Website

Choose Design and Create Account

Step 1: Choose Starting Design.

We have 1-Page, Express Custom, and Custom starting point websites to review choose from.
(Remember…you can make updates to both content AND styles…so dont get to hung up here.)

Step 2: Choose Hosting Package.

Based on what you can afford, choose a hosting package. The higher level packages allow for more customization and more design options as well as more media hosting. 
(Remember…you can make upgrade from Custom Express to Custom pretty easily.)

Step 3: Account Creation and Payment

We will collect your username, password, stagename, and billing information. Once payment is accepted…your account is created and your site has begun!

You will immediately have a weblink at: and be able to add your domain name while adding your content depending on your package.

To get started on these three steps: click here.

Add Acting Info

Step 4: Use the ActorGear “Quick Start” to get your site up and running fast.

We have built a special “Quick Start” that allows you to launch your site quick. Just add you bio, news, image, social media, youtube reel to your site. You can copy and paste the items in in less than 5 minutes. 

How the Step 4 “Quick Start” works: watch below

How "Quick Start" works...lets begin!

Choose your main picture

Perhaps a headshot..

Add contact info or leave blank

Agent/Manager Info

Add news of recent projects

Plays, films, classes, ect

Paste in a link to a reel on Youtube or Vimeo

ActorGear will automatically grab it and embed it perfectly

Enter in your Bio or leave blank

Paste in your social links

IMDB / Instagram / Twitter / Facebook

You now have a website!

You now have a presentable website: take it live

After you have done the basics outlined above, you can point your already purchased domain name to your new ActorGear actor website or purchase a new domain from us.

We made an 8min screencast demo video showing: signing up, using the quickstart, and editing the site. No cuts.

Go Further with your Actor Site!

Step 5: Editing Resume, Gallery Photos, Colors.

You should also consider adding a resume with our resume builder that creates mobile friendly resumes, adding photos to your photo gallery, and adjusting some of the colors with the theme customizer.

A: Resume Builder

Use our resume builder to add all your credits.

B: Gallery

Add more pics to create a photo gallery of alternative looks.

C: Theme Customizer

Adjust the colors and fonts.

Conclusion: We make it easier than any other solution with better results

We make real results easy, your website will look great, be easy to update, and work better than any other solution out there at a great price.

You are in the business of marketing you…so actually do it. Sign up with ActorGear.

How Our Pricing Works

1 Page Site (10/mo)

You can get a 1 page site that include 10 pic gallery, news, bio, resume, 1 video/media embed, and a contact form. You can also make limited design choices with font, color and choose from one of our backgrounds.


Customized Express Sites (15/mo)

Say you want to take your site even further and wish to showcase even more pics and videos, change the header font, change the background, choice of the free layout or customized layout, then use the Customized Express Site.


Customized Sites (30/mo when paid yearly)

Say you want to take your site even further and wish to showcase even more pics and videos…say you want more control of all the colors, fonts, custom background header images, integrated google site stats, then this is the package for you. In addition comes with 1hr of design time from an ActorGear designer.


Customized Design (150/hr half of estimate paid upfront)

Want more customized work that’s above your pay grade? Hire us and we can tweak it even further. 20 year of programming experience..aka computer science degree, graphic design background, php programming, javascript programming, and SEO experience. 



Occationally we send out Acting related info on the industry, tricks/tips for actors on the industry...and discounts on our products.

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