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We can answer all your actor website questions. We can do face to face meetings at our Santa Monica and Los Angeles offices, or with video chat or email. No question is too big or too small, we are here to help field questions. So don’t hesitate to get in touch! Lets make a better website together.



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People stay with ActorGear because we make sure things work…no matter what you will never be stuck. If you are looking for help sign in to your account to contact support.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does this include web hosting?

The monthly fee includes web hosting.

What if I already have a domain?

We will help you point your domain to our managed servers where we will set your dns up correctly for you for no extra charge.

*extra customizations can be done as custom design time (ie dns changes needed for dmarc/spf record set ups for gsuite/zoho integrations

Can you do custom design?

Yes, we can. And we are awesome at it. We have designed 100’s of sites and we can design yours. Generally our clients will give us a reference point, maybe another site they like and discuss what they like about it. From there we will make an estimate in time. We include 1 hr of design time free of charge for all new clients, and because we are so experienced…most designs end up being free!

Should I build my site without you in WordPress?

While wordpress is open source and there are many cheap hosting solutions is possible to build a site this way. However the value of what we on average exceeds doing it that way for the following reasons:

1. We constantly are keeping things updated for the latest security news.
2. We have set up special firewall systems to help thwart attacks while still maintaining high speed results.
3. We offer the ability to access and hire quality design, marketing, technical help.
4. Our ability to important and get everything done saves you tons of time researching and learning yet still allows you to get high end pro results that are both visible to your audience and to google.

What if I need to update something?

We have built a super easy visual update system to allow for updates to pictures, text and design with help videos. However, if you wish for a more concierge service, we offer services to do the updates for you for a fee.

Do you guys do updates for me?

While our update system is super easy to use for both professional designers and non-technical people alike, we can be hired to do updates for you at our normal design rates of 150/hr in min increments of 15 min. Is that can be if you pay somebody that rate that is not a true expert…but you are hiring legitimate experienced experts that work fast and efficiently.

My buddy said he built his in Wix/Squarespace, why shouldn't I?

While they spend MILLIONS of dollars every year on advertising and false claims of free websites, we still beat them in google performance, design results, and give you access to professional help that is a little better than most “buddies”.

We invite you to test your buddy’s work here: for an unbiased tech test of your buddy’s website….maybe after seeing their results it wont just be you signing up!

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People stay with ActorGear because we make sure things work…no matter what you will never be stuck. If you are looking for help sign in to your account to contact support.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

You can try it out! see how it works and if you don’t like it we will refund all your money!

30 Day Money Back Garantee

There is no risk to using ActorGear. Don’t just take our word for it, sign up, use it and see why we make better looking faster loading websites. 



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