A Better Way To Build Your Actor Website Design

New feature! Import your actorsaccess information to create your actor website or an actor website design from scratch in minutes. Pros at website design for actors.

A Better Way To Build Actor Website Design

Actors are choosing to build actor websites with ActorGear. ActorGear helps actors get up and running quickly with an actor website that loads faster than other platforms.

UNBEATABLE VALUE: Compare us to others.

 We invite you to compare your current website, any other actor’s website, or any other platform(ie Wix / Squarespace / WordPress) to our platform.

Lost on how to properly compare Google Page Speed, human speed, responsive design and design? With complete transparency, we can help guide you on how to compare website platforms to help you make the best decision.

Import Actors Access for an Actor Website Design

GET LIVE FASTER: One button import from ActorsAccess℠

Entering in your resume, pictures, and agent info the first time can be very tedious. With ActorGear it doesn’t have to be. If you or your agent already has a Breakdown services or ActorsAccess℠ profile set up, ActorGear can import the resume, contact info, pictures and automatically create a website that can be edited with out visual builder. Our innovation allows you to get up and running quickly.


Want some help comparing? We will give you free 10 minutes of phone time.

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Why ActorGear makes it easy to build an actor website design

Have you ever thought about building a website from scratch? If that thought makes you feel like you’ve opened a can of worms, hang on. What if you’re technologically challenged and broke? Maybe you don’t know where to start and are overwhelmed with deciding the right way to make a website. Perhaps all these decisions and fears have pushed you away from making a website or has lead to allowing your friend, ex or cousin make your website(what happens when you need to reach out to your ex to make updates..yeah). If any of the scenarios describe you…relax, we got your back!

With ActorGear, we have thought about these “pain points” to create the perfect solution. You start by choosing a “starting point” that acts as the perfect structure for your website. Its the foundation of how your content is laid out(which can easily be customized in the visual builder). Then you can either enter in your resume, bio, contact info, or use our actorsaccess importer to import all that content automatically to be used in the visual builder.

Once you are satisfied with the look and content of your site, we review it with some good old fashion constructive criticism along with help if it needs fixes.

After our critique you can be confident that it is ready to launch and that you will know how to make changes in the future.

Making your Actor website is trouble-free and affordable (prices start at 15/mo with no ads and you can use your own domain! If you can handle using gmail, or operate a basic smart phone, you just need to take a breath and try ActorGear.

Watch this video on how to create your actor website design from start to finish! 

Actor Website Design High Concept

VISUAL BUILDER: Easy-to-use, yet powerful enough for pros.

ActorGear’s Visual builder makes building your website a breeze! Design your site exactly the way you want with our innovative easy-to-use no-code tools. If you are web-pro, you can take even further advantage of our design tools and ability to further customize with css.

STARTING THEMES: Flexible yet structured to get live quickly.

Sometimes knowing where to start is tough. ActorGear’s starting points make it trouble-free to get started and give you structure and proper design right on sign up. All you need to go live is your content. With our visual builder its easy to enter in your info and make updates in the future.  

NO FAILURE RULE: We personally review your results.

Creating your actor website can be frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be! With every sign up we offer a 30 minute consultation to go over the final result and help make tweaks. No other builder offers this service from real design pros. Additionally, with short help video screencasts, chat and email support from our team, we make sure you don’t get stuck. We want to help you make your best first impression.

BUILT BETTER: Both Technically & Aesthetically

Our websites load fast, like a professional actually made it. You can’t build the next Amazon with ActorGear, but you can build something better than a builder from Wix, Godaddy, Squarespace, or your cousin/friend saying “I got this” In addition, with our easy-to-use platform, you can create your website from start to finish in under 10 minutes! Now that’s fast! 

Actor Consulting High Concept

Build Stronger First Impressions

Having an acting website is very important: studio execs, producers and casting directors often “google” talent before general meetings or look for extra video clips and photos when making tough casting decisions to help finalize a decision. In these scenarios, your website is just as important as having a professional photographed headshot: it needs to look professional. To look professional it needs to:
  1. Load fast
  2. Look astetically pleasing on mobile / desktop
  3. Easy to use for assistants / decision makers to find the information needed to cast you
Your website and its content many times can be part of the final decision to cast you or bring you in to audition. Its one of your greatest assets, and one of the only parts of your career you can control!

How to build an Actor Website with ActorGear

How to create your Actor Website in 4 easy steps!:



Sign up and begin with one of our starting points. If available connect your ActorsAccess or Breakdown Services profile to import YOUR images, credits and information by typing in your profile name and clicking import.



Customize your website’s bio, resume, headshots, reel, videos/photos and contact section. You can add your social media links, additional media, and modify the design with the visual builder.


We Refine

We are not just a web site builder, we are a design agency. Included with every sign up is 30 min of us. Use us to get an on-the-phone walk through, design proofing, and content advice. We make sure your site looks pro!




If you have an existing domain name, we will help point your domain name to your site and handle the rest of the set up so you can go live. If you don’t already have a domain registered, we can help get your domain registered and go live.

Creating Your Actor Website Doesn’t Have to Be Hard. We help get you live.

When you sign up build a website with ActorGear, you can be confident that you will have a website that actually gets made and isn’t stuck in perpetual state of “under construction.” We have streamlined the process of making a website specifically for Actors so that websites get launched and built right. If you ever get stuck, we are going to personally call you to make sure you get “un-stuck.” Have confidence with ActorGear.

Christina Helena Actress Testimonial

“ActorGear has been so amazingly beneficial to me! I cannot imagine my career without it. It’s quick, straight to the point, and provides all the information anyone in the industry needs from you. Never had a single problem with ActorGear! Besides I can’t deny the quality and benefits of ActorGear especially when I got a straight booking from my website for an off Broadway show.”

– Helena Christina

Regina Rockensies Actress Testimonial

“I love ActorGear because they made setting up my website simple. As I chose the layout of my site and added my headshot and videos, they guided me through the process by phone and answered all of my questions. It was easy and fun, which means a lot, especially since I do not consider myself a “computer person.” They are also very affordable and understand that most actors are on a budget! Having a great website as an actor is so important because casting directors want to quickly and easily access your materials and get a sense of you as a performer. My ActorGear website looks professional and is easy to navigate and I have booked many jobs from people simply viewing my reel or hearing my VO demo on the site."

– Regina Rockensies https://reginarockensies.com

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