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Express Custom Websites 15 / mo
Custom Websites w/Visual Builder 32 / mo

How Sign Up Works

When you sign up for a website with ActorGear, you can be confident that you will have a website that actually gets made and isn’t stuck in perpetual state of under construction. We have streamlined the process of making a website specifically for Actors so that websites get launched. If you ever get stuck, we are going to personally call you to make sure any sticking points you have get un-stuck. Have confidence with ActorGear.

Below is an overview of the starting process:

Sign Up

Choose your starting point, package, and enter account information

Add Acting Info

Using our start wizard, add a headshot, paste in your bio, contact info, news, link to reel.


Add your social media links, resume credits, more headshots, onset photos, your domain, and other custimzations

Have Us Refine

We are not just a web site builder, we are a design agency. Included with every sign up is 1 hour of us. Use us to get on the phone walk throughs, design proofing, content advice. We make sure your site looks pro!

2 Actor Gear Levels: Custom Express and Custom


Every ActorGear site is built to load on multiple platforms, be easy to update, keep your website focused, and allow for ways to customize with unlimited colors and the whole library of custom fonts in one turn-key solution making sure your website looks pro.

For those wanting to further personalize their brand or who are working with designer or who are designer’s themselves, the ActorGear Custom package enable the Visual Builder allowing complete control of your website visually. The visual builder allows for animation, column controls on padding, spacing, just about every element you can imagine. It also allows for additional css control of every element. In fact our main website is designed on the same professional visual builder we offer to customers. In addition to the visual builder, our Custom packages have higher image and storage quotas. Both packages get the job done better than anything out there, however the visual builder allows you to take your design further.

We have upfront pricing: Custom Express Starts at 15/mo and the Custom Package starts at 32.90/mo

Not sure? All Custom Express packages can be upgraded and transition smoothly to a custom package. So get your site right today, and upgrade in the future.

Acting Website Tips

What to think about when making a website for your Acting Career.

How easy/quickly does the right information get seen by you audience.

When building an acting portfolio website, target the audience most important to you: a director or casting director making a decision on weather or not to bring you in. Your target audience is on your website not because they magically browsed the internet and found you, they are there because they received your website from either your agent, manager, casting website, or submission. They then went to your website to dig deeper into you a viable candidate for their project: to get more pictures, to get more videos of you acting, see any recent projects that they might have heard of and to see if you are a professional they can trust or an after-school part time hobbyist. They need to see you are a professional top to bottom.

In addition to up-to-date content, your website needs to load fast, be compatible on both desktop and phones, have your images properly compressed for fast loading and no advertisements. Put our sites against a WordPress hobbyist, a Wix site, a square site, we will not be beat.


So if you have music on your website, inconsequential images, or video of you NOT acting…cut it. Stop thinking this is about creating a magical entertaining presentation, this is about creating a clean fast professional presentation to get information as quickly as possible to a decision maker. Get to the point. And if you need help deciding what to cut…we have no problems doing that 🙂

Need help setting up your site?

Expert Artist and Actor website design and builders can help with the basics to get your site running in no time.

Let a Setup Expert walk you through the ABCs of having a website. These talented pros can help you launch your site actor site or seamlessly migrate from another site. Create a beautiful, customized actor site with the help of an ActorGear Expert. Our roster of talented designers and developers can tweak a template or craft a new artist design from scratch.

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Occationally we send out Acting related info on the industry, tricks/tips for actors on the industry...and discounts on our products.

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